5 Quick Vegan Recipes for Breakfast: Ready Within Minutes!

Mornings can often be a frantic race against the clock - especially on weekdays! But being in a rush doesn't mean you can’t treat yourself to a healthy and yummy plant-based breakfast. Don’t believe us? Read on! If you thought preparing a vegan breakfast was a complicated affair, this blog will put that myth to rest for good.

Today, we’ve rounded up our 5 favourite quick and easy vegan breakfast recipes that can be rustled up in only a few minutes. Packed with flavour, nutrients and energy, these quick brekkie recipes will power you through your busiest mornings!

Note: This recipe makes one large serving. It’s most nutritious and tasty when consumed fresh, although you can freeze it for later.

Note: The recipe makes 2 servings. Indian Black Salt or Kala Namak should be easily available at International grocery stores. It has a sulfurous aroma and an eggy, tangy taste. A must-have spice for vegans!

Shubhangi Joshi

Writer at Forthgreen